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The Litter Hero Program is a 90-day program created by the City of Spartanburg, OneSpartanburg Inc., Spartanburg County, and a wide range of homeless service providers.


The program employs up to four individuals who are experiencing homelessness or housing instability as part of a litter crew working in Spartanburg County. Participants will be considered employees, reporting to work in the mornings to engage in case management and life skills training as assigned prior to heading to the work site.


This program was initiated in 2020, as an innovative means of helping address a noticeable increase in litter throughout Spartanburg County and in order to provide an innovative path toward sustainable employment opportunities for individuals experiencing homelessness.

Litter Hero Program FAQ

1. What are the requirements for participants?

Organizations will assist in referring individuals to the program. Once referred, those who wish to participate must meet the following conditions:

  • Must engage in case management weekly as assigned

  • Must agree to drug testing at any point in time during the course of the program

  • Must agree to and complete background check

  • Must agree to and pass a physical

  • Must be able to meet the requirements and work hours as set by the employer

2. What are the work schedules and compensation for participants in the program?

Participants will average 25 hours per week, typically weekdays, 10 am-3 pm. All participants are paid $14 per hour and receive case management and life skills training, as well as post-program connections to the traditional work force. Housing for participants is provided by Miracle Hill for the duration of the program, as well as 30 days following its completion.  

3. Who funds the program?

The Litter Hero Program is funded by the City of Spartanburg, OneSpartanburg Inc., Spartanburg County, Keep OneSpartanburg Beautiful, and Palmetto Pride.

Partner Organizations

This program is made possible through the collaborative efforts of Spartanburg County organizations. 

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